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Advanced Tools

New!   For an overview of a Advanced Tools, click here for Advanced Tools tutorial.

Advanced Tools is designed for the experienced investor/trader.

Point & Figure Analysis

Point & Figure Analysis uses Point & Figure Charts to identify stocks which have broken through significant resistance (Bullish) or support (Bearish) areas. It also lists those stocks that are in the process of forming an important P&F chart formation and includes the price the stock must achieve to trigger the breakout. P&F Chart Breakouts reflect the law of supply and demand and are a good tool in identifying price trends and reversals. Click here to learn about the various point & figure charts formations.

Trading Systems

Trading Systems is a group of technical, trading systems that identify reliable chart formations. In order to properly use one of these systems, you should be familiar with the technical indicators that make up the system. Click here to learn about each of the trading system signals.

Industry Group Analysis

Industry Group Analysis provides daily analysis for 91 major industry groups. The groups are ranked using various Market Edge inputs to identify those groups that are deemed to be either favorable or unfavorable. The individual stocks that are included in the groups are then rated using Second Opinion to isolate solid Buy selections in the Strong groups or good Short-Sale candidates in the Weak groups.


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