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Standard & Poor's Commentary

Personal Finance  •  From
Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Here's Next Week's Game Plan
5/29/2015 7:52:27 PM
Cramer is advising caution as he awaits more company earnings and the all-important non-farm payroll report next week. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Banks Get $1B From Overdrafts; Bill Gross Lands Smithsonian Spot: Finance Winners & Losers
5/29/2015 6:35:47 PM
Big banks make big money off clients not having money, Bill Gross' Bloomberg terminal and other items get a spot at Smithsonian, and Morgan Stanley is upgraded by Moody's. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Intel and Altera Spike on Merger Talk; Apple Falls on Android Pay: Tech Winners & Losers
5/29/2015 5:59:22 PM
Intel and its Altera spike on reports the two are close to a merger. Apple falls a day after Google unveils a competing payment system. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
For Casinos, Millennials Are Something of a Bust
5/29/2015 5:49:03 PM
The biggest threat to the casino business my not be the threatened rise of online gambling -- it could actually be the rise of the millennials, suggests one expert. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Here's What You Don't Know About Retirement Planning
5/29/2015 5:34:41 PM
As life expectancy increases, so does the amount of financial planning needed to sustain a comfortable retirement. Do you know what to do? [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Getting Ahead in Business? Think Like a Navy SEAL
5/29/2015 5:27:50 PM
Business leaders who want to succeed can learn valuable lessons from the way Navy Seals operate, according to one expert. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Humana Shares Spike on Rumors of Takeover
5/29/2015 5:19:53 PM
Humana ended Friday's trading session up 20%, making it TheStreet's Move of the Day. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Big Lots Beat the Street Friday, but Don't Expect Great News Next Time
5/29/2015 5:10:43 PM
Discount retailer Big Lots reported earnings on Friday that topped analysts' estimates, but it issued weak guidance for the current quarter. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) Stock Gains on Earnings Beat
5/29/2015 4:56:48 PM
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) shares closed higher after the company reported earnings that came in ahead of analysts' expectations for the period. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Intel May Acquire Altera Now -- Is Qualcomm Next?
5/29/2015 4:54:31 PM
The latest news report is that Intel will buy Altera next week, but a subsequent deal for Qualcomm is unlikely despite some strategic merit to the companies combining. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Whiting Petroleum (WLL) Stock Closed Higher Amid Rise in Oil Prices
5/29/2015 4:51:01 PM
Whiting Petroleum (WLL) stock closed higher as oil prices spiked this afternoon. [ more ]
Personal Finance  •  From
'Fast Money' Recap: Michael Kors Gets Sized Up, Oil Still a Slippery Bet
5/29/2015 4:44:46 PM
The trading panel dived into assessing Michael Kors Holding and other retailers, as well as addressing energy and where oil is headed. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Jim Cramer -- Here's What to Watch in the Trading Week Ahead
5/29/2015 4:44:01 PM
TheStreet's Jim Cramer says all anyone is going to be talking about next week is the unemployment report, due out Friday. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
American Express President Ed Gilligan Dies Suddenly on Flight to New York
5/29/2015 4:29:22 PM
Gilligan, who was considered by many to be the heir apparent to CEO Ken Chenault, 63, become ill on a flight from Japan, [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
With Android Pay Debut, Google Shows How Important Mobile Payments Will Be
5/29/2015 4:22:16 PM
Google's introduction of Android Pay is another sign of how rapidly the mobile payments business can grow, suggests MasterCard's chief emerging payments officer. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
This ETF Lets You Take Advantage of Share Buybacks by Foreign Companies
5/29/2015 4:21:35 PM
Buybacks are surging in the U.S., but other developed markets are getting in on the act. This exchange traded fund gives investors access to rising international buybacks. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Express Scripts (ESRX) Stock Falling on Possible Humana Sale
5/29/2015 4:10:45 PM
Express Scripts (ESRX) stock is slipping following reports the company may not be in the running to acquire Humana (HUM). [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Halliburton (HAL) Stock Helped by Coverage Initiation
5/29/2015 4:08:58 PM
Halliburton (HAL) shares rose after the company was initiated with an 'overweight' rating by analysts at JPMorgan. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Stocks Shake Off 'Sell In May' to Post Monthly Gains
5/29/2015 4:07:27 PM
Stocks generate positive returns for the month, a surprise for those who subscribe to the "sell in May and go away" philosophy. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Cigna (CI) Stock Gaining on Humana Merger Speculation
5/29/2015 3:50:00 PM
Cigna (CI) stock is rising off of reports the company is looking in to acquiring Humana (HUM). [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Denbury Resources (DNR) Stock Gaining as Crude Prices Rally
5/29/2015 3:46:32 PM
Denbury Resources (DNR) stock is higher this afternoon as oil prices rally to trade in the green. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Nabors Industries (NBR) Stock Up Amid Rising Oil Prices
5/29/2015 3:43:14 PM
Nabors Industries (NBR) stock is higher this afternoon as oil prices rally and give related oil stocks a lift. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Transocean (RIG) Stock Falls on New Downside Analyst Coverage
5/29/2015 3:28:26 PM
Transocean (RIG) shares are declining after analysts at JPMorgan initiated coverage on the company with an 'underweight' rating. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Here’s a Reason Oasis Petroleum (OAS) Stock is Advancing
5/29/2015 3:23:30 PM
Oil prices are rising this afternoon, sending energy stocks such as Oasis Petroleum (OAS) higher. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Stocks Are Lower; Humana Rockets Higher on Deal Reports
5/29/2015 3:13:06 PM
Stocks are modestly lower on the final trading day of May as investors shift their attention to the jobs report for May out in a week. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Pfizer (PFE) Stock Gaining on Rare Lung Disorder Treatment Approval
5/29/2015 2:59:53 PM
Pfizer (PFE) shares are rising after the company received approval for its lung disorder treatment, Rapamune. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Economic Data on Tap -- Next Week, It's Reports, Reports and More Reports
5/29/2015 2:59:48 PM
The first week of each month is always packed with economic reports, so expect employment, consumer spending and manufacturing data to drive the markets in the trading week ahead. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
GoPro's Drone Move Makes This Stock a Potential Buy
5/29/2015 2:55:01 PM
GoPro, the maker of popular video cameras, is preparing to get into the drone market. And its entry makes drone opportunities and questions stand out. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Chesapeake Energy (CHK) Stock Up as Oil Prices Rally
5/29/2015 2:49:53 PM
Chesapeake Energy (CHK) stock is up as oil prices rise. [ more ]
Stock News  •  From
TheStreet is Hiring Technology Reporters to Work in San Francisco
5/29/2015 2:49:29 PM
TheStreet is seeking tech reporters in Silicon Valley. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Fed Finds You Probably Can't Handle an Emergency Bill of $400
5/29/2015 2:44:24 PM
Would you be able to handle an emergency expense of $400 without a credit card? Some 47% U.S. households said no, according to a report from the Federal Reserve. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
One Reason Union Pacific (UNP) Stock Is Going Down
5/29/2015 2:31:51 PM
Shares of Union Pacific (UNP) are decreasing in Friday's afternoon trading session after the company furloughed about 900 railroad workers due to weaker than expected shipping demand. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Humana (HUM) Stock Skyrocketing on Sale Speculation
5/29/2015 2:26:27 PM
Humana (HUM) stock is rising after reports surfaced that the company is looking into the option of selling itself. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
Big Funds Are Buying Spain's Energy Stocks and Maybe You Should, Too
5/29/2015 2:23:26 PM
Spain's revived energy sector is attracting big international funds, so individual investors might want to take a look as well. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
3 Big Stocks Getting Big Attention -- and What to Do With Them
5/29/2015 2:20:39 PM
Here's a technical look at how to trade some of the market's most active stocks. [ more ]
Stock News  •  From
Here Are the 20 Most Expensive Private High Schools in America
5/29/2015 2:18:25 PM
All of the schools on this list have a higher tuition than the average four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
For Amazon, Everything Points Back to Prime
5/29/2015 2:17:52 PM
Nearly every product release or update from Amazon can be tied back to Prime. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Bull Chart of the Day -- Why eBay Is Getting More Attention
5/29/2015 2:15:00 PM
What's not to like about the company's short-term chart in a choppy market? The bulls are buying. Should you? [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Chipotle Customers -- and Investors -- Get Some Good News
5/29/2015 2:14:22 PM
Chipotle fans, rejoice! The pork carnitas crisis that began earlier this year is nearing an end. So shareholders can look forward to tastier sales numbers from the Mexican food chain. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Could McDonald's and Wal-Mart Survive a $15-An-Hour Minimum Wage?
5/29/2015 2:07:36 PM
As more U.S. cities approve or consider major hikes in the minimum wage, many question what the impact will be on retailers that rely the most on low-wage labor. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
ASCO '15: Merck, Bristol Drugs Boost Immune System to Kill Broad Swath of Cancer Types
5/29/2015 2:00:00 PM
The class of cancer immunotherapy drugs which target the protein PD-1 is proving to be effective against advanced liver, head and neck, lung and colon cancers. [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Fly Watch: Several Names That May Move Following ASCO Meeting
5/29/2015 1:54:37 PM
The American Society of Clinical Oncology, or ASCO, is holding the society's 51st annual meeting from May 29 to June 2 in Chicago, Illinois. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
Warriors-Cavaliers NBA Finals Tickets Most Expensive On Secondary Market Since 2011
5/29/2015 1:51:41 PM
Golden State and Cleveland are sparking the highest prices for an NBA Finals matchup on the secondary market over the past five seasons. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
How to Trade 4 of the Market's Most Active Stocks -- Buy, Sell or Hold?
5/29/2015 1:47:26 PM
Here's a technical look at how to trade some of the most active stocks on the market right now. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
GameStop Is Shooting Up, Buy Now Before It Moves to the Next Level
5/29/2015 1:46:29 PM
GameStop had already made big gains this year before its earnings beat Thursday, and thanks to lingering pessimism about the gaming market, the retailer's still trading at a hefty discount. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
How China Is Succeeding in Its Plan to Make Renminbi a Reserve Currency
5/29/2015 1:44:08 PM
The Chinese focus on longer-term results and their plans to attain reserve currency status for the renminbi seem to be succeeding, an event that may change world markets. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
Build a Billionaire Portfolio With These 20 Stocks
5/29/2015 1:43:31 PM
Where are billionaires like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman placing their biggest bets, and what are the stories behind their top investments? [ more ]
News & Analysis  •  From
Google Introduces New Strategy to Compete With Apple Pay
5/29/2015 1:41:09 PM
As the world goes wireless, Google introduces new strategy to win the mobile wallet. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Goldcorp (GG) Stock Climbing on Higher Gold Futures
5/29/2015 1:40:09 PM
Goldcorp (GG) stock is rising this afternoon as gold futures rally to trade in the green on Friday. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
Intel Stock Pops on Merger Report, So Should You Be Buying Now?
5/29/2015 1:29:27 PM
Intel has made an impressive move since its January selloff, but further upside may prove to be a struggle in the near term. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
Jim Cramer: Blackstone Is a Buy and Netflix Makes a Good Gift for Grads
5/29/2015 1:20:42 PM
TheStreet's Jim Cramer answers your Twitter questions about Blackstone, Netflix and other stocks. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
One Reason BlackBerry (BBRY) Stock Is Retreating
5/29/2015 1:19:22 PM
BlackBerry (BBRY) stock is lower after Morgan Stanley said the company's fiscal year 2016 targets look 'unattainable.' [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
What to Do When You Are Replaced at Your Job by a Robot
5/29/2015 1:16:20 PM
More change is coming -- likely to your job, too -- so what do you do to survive and thrive when the robots take over? [ more ]
Markets  •  From
WhiteWave Foods (WWAV) Stock Is the 'Chart of the Day'
5/29/2015 1:05:45 PM
WhiteWave Foods (WWAV) stock is the Trifecta Stocks Team's 'Chart of the Day.' [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
How Retirees Can Prepare for Those Unexpected Financial Emergencies
5/29/2015 1:02:42 PM
Retirees can be especially vulnerable to sudden financial troubles and expenses -- anything from unexpected bills to market downturns. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Weatherford International (WFT) Stock Gains on Positive Coverage Initiation
5/29/2015 12:51:05 PM
Weatherford International (WFT) shares are rising after the company had coverage initiated with an 'overweight' rating and a $19 price target. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Frontline (FRO) Stock Plunging Today After Earnings Release
5/29/2015 12:42:44 PM
Frontline (FRO) stock is sinking Friday after the company released its latest quarterly earnings results. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) Stock Taking a Hit Following Negative Analyst Notes
5/29/2015 12:24:39 PM
Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) stock is down after the company was issued negative notes by analysts at Janney Capital and SunTrust this morning. [ more ]
Markets  •  From
Himax Technologies (HIMX) Stock Downgraded at Chardan Capital Markets
5/29/2015 12:14:48 PM
Analysts downgraded Himax Technologies (HIMX) stock to 'sell' from 'neutral,' and reduced the price target to $4 from $5. [ more ]
Opinion  •  From
Jim Cramer's Stop Trading: Lilly's AstraZeneca Partnership Is a ‘Brilliant’ Move
5/29/2015 12:13:02 PM
Lilly 'never stops innovating,' Jim Cramer said of the plan to test a new cancer drug combination. [ more ]

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