Charting, Advanced Tools, Screening Tools, and More

MarketEdge also includes a feature-rich Charting package, Advanced Tools including Point & Figure breakouts and early alerts, and custom screening tools to filter down over 3400 stocks to just the stocks that fit your criteria.

More Features

MarketEdge is full of features to help you pick the right stock at the right time.

MarketEdge includes a complete interactive charting package. You can overlay your own moving averages (both exponential and simple) and bollinger bands, add over 15 indicators, and compare how a stock is trading to its peers or a certain index.
Screening Tools
MarketEdge provides over 100 predefined technical screens but sometimes you need something custom. Screening Tools allows you to do just that by filtering for combinations of conditions. Use these filters to narrow the markets down to the two or three best stocks that fit your trading strategy. Creat a screen to isolate the stocks that meet your favorite technical and fundamental criteria, and then export your screen to a new StockWatch list.
Advanced Tools
As your knowledge of the market expands, MarketEdge provides advanced tools that are used by Wall Street pros. Stocks breaking out of select P&F chart formations are often tomorrow's big winners. The Second Opinion report includes both bullish and bearish breakouts. Want some inside information? How about a daily report that lists stocks that are in the process of forming a significant P&F chart formation and the price at which a breakout will occur? You can "front-run" thousands of chartists by keeping tabs on the stocks in this section.

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Market Recap - 05/30/2024

Index Close Day Change Day % Change YTD % Change
NASDAQ COMPOSITE 16737.08 -183.5 -1.08% 11.5%
DJ UTILITIES 922.82 11.79 1.29% 4.67%
DJ TRANSPORT 14975.89 194.33 1.31% -5.81%
DJ INDUSTRIALS 38111.48 -330.06 -0.86% 1.12%
NYSE COMPOSITE 17852.36 57.47 0.32% 5.93%
S & P 100 INDEX 2505.29 -24.25 -0.96% 12.03%
RUSSELL 2000 2056.6 20.41 1% 1.46%
S&P 500 5235.48 -31.47 -0.6% 9.76%
CBOE MKT VOLATILITY 14.47 0.19 1.33% 16.22%
AMEX COMPOSITE 4948.91 50.65 1.03% 7.72%
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About MarketEdge

MarketEdge is a unique suite of investment tools developed by Computrade Systems, Inc. The purpose of our service is to provide quality, independent research in a manner that is both easily understandable and immediately actionable for individual investors as well as professional money managers. MarketEdge features Second Opinion®, a comprehensive computer-generated technical evaluation of more than 3,400 stocks, along with fundamental research from Standard & Poor's. MarketEdge will generate daily investment ideas for every type of trading strategy thereby enabling one to trade and invest with a consistent, disciplined approach in all market environments.

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