In just minutes a day, MarketEdge helps you find the strongest industries and ETF categories likely to outperform the S&P 500 over the intermediate term.

MarketEdge analyzes the technical condition of 91 Industry Groups and 46 ETF Categories daily to determine which we consider Strong, Weak, Improving, or Deteriorating. The technical condition of the Industry Group or ETF Category is also classified as a market performer, outperformer, or underperformer based on the status of the MarketEdge Strength rating. The stocks or ETFS in an Industry Group or ETF Category are then ranked according to the MarketEdge Second Opinion.

Three Steps to Making Better Trades with Industries/ETFs

Determine the Overall Market Direction
Since the stock market does not go up all the time, the first step in any successful investment strategy is projecting the future direction of the overall market. To accomplish this task, we use two MarketEdge features, the Market Letter and On The Edge. The Market Letter is a weekly analysis of the market which includes an intermediate-term bullish or bearish market forecast. Coupled with this is On The Edge, which is an in-depth monthly report which analyzes the status of the MarketEdge market timing models used to project an intermediate-term market forecast. This forecast should give you a level of confidence as to whether you should be buying or shorting stocks and ETFs.
Determine the Right Industry Group or ETF Category
Certain categories of industries and ETFs have a greater potential to move higher or lower at any given time. To help with this analysis, we use the Category Analyzer. The Category Analyzer uses advanced computer modeling techniques to determine which category of industry or ETFs are Strong, Weak, Improving, or Deteriorating. Based upon this analysis, you will know which areas of the market are more likely to outperform over the intermediate-term. When the market forecast is positive, you should choose categories which are rated as Strong or Improving. Conversely, when the market forecast is negative, choose categories which are Weak or Deteriorating.
Determine the Right Stock or ETF
Once you have determined the projected market direction and the corresponding industry group or ETF category it is time to pick which stock or ETF to buy or short. This is accomplished by using the MarketEdge Second Opinion. This simple, easy to use report contains everything you need to make consistent Buy and Sell decisions which are necessary to a successful investment approach. Second Opinion uses proprietary computer generated technical inputs to create Long (Buy), Neutral, or Avoid opinions for every stock and ETF on a daily basis. Each Second Opinion report includes the opinion, a daily recommendation for each ETF, simple to understand comments about the technical condition of the ETF and over twenty technical indicators and studies with Buy and Sell stops.

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Market Posture Cyclical Trend Index
As of: 08/18/2023
As of: 09/08/2023
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The proprietary S&P Short-Range Oscillator is a number that is calculated each market day and helps professionals measure the pulse of the market.
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Market Recap - 09/28/2023

Index Close Day Change Day % Change YTD % Change
NASDAQ COMPOSITE 13201.28 108.43 0.83% 26.13%
DJ UTILITIES 815.53 -16.6 -1.99% -15.7%
DJ TRANSPORT 14985.9 158.16 1.07% 11.9%
DJ INDUSTRIALS 33666.34 116.07 0.35% 1.57%
NYSE COMPOSITE 15478.07 83.38 0.54% 1.93%
S & P 100 INDEX 2012.83 10.31 0.51% 17.77%
RUSSELL 2000 1794.31 15.41 0.87% 1.88%
S&P 500 4299.7 25.19 0.59% 11.99%
CBOE MKT VOLATILITY 17.34 -0.88 -4.83% -19.98%
AMEX COMPOSITE 4658.89 37.94 0.82% 12.66%
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MarketEdge is a unique suite of investment tools developed by Computrade Systems, Inc. The purpose of our service is to provide quality, independent research in a manner that is both easily understandable and immediately actionable for individual investors as well as professional money managers. MarketEdge features Second Opinion®, a comprehensive computer-generated technical evaluation of more than 3,400 stocks, along with fundamental research from Standard & Poor's. MarketEdge will generate daily investment ideas for every type of trading strategy thereby enabling one to trade and invest with a consistent, disciplined approach in all market environments.

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